Building the future

We focus on helping our team members realize their own potential and we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our management staff started at our entry-level position.

This advancement strategy ensures that our managers posess the necessary skills to help others succeed and also understand the challenges needed to be overcome.


We believe that a good leader can help guide any team through even the toughest of times.


Times change, and so it’s important to think creatively and adjust the course when called for.


With the destination in mind we work hard everyday to move one step closer to our end goal.

bryan lonsberry


Bryan started as a Brand Ambassador in 2018. With his passion for customer service and selling, he excelled at the role. He worked his way up to Team Leader and Manager, and in 2019 he came full circle when he incorporated his own company: Better Believe Enterprises.

Bryan’s goal is to expand our company across the U.S. while helping his team see the same success he had and reach their own potential.

Tianna Anderson

director of operations

Tianna started with Better Believe in 2018 and was an immediate favorite of management staff.

After excelling through the Brand Ambassador and Team Leader role, Tianna now works closely with our team members to help them achieve their goals.

Kyle Casoria

business development consultant

Kyle started in the industry in 2008 and now uses his experience and expertise to help guide the Better Believe team to new heights.

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