Since 2018, Better Believe Enterprises has used it’s donor acquisition strategies to help our clients meet their fundraising goals, but it’s the belief we have in our work and in each other that gets the job done.

what we do matters

Better Believe Enterprises is an advertising and fundraising company who’s current clients consist of national and international non-profit groups.

A World of Difference

Through the work of our clients, and the work of our team members, we strive to make an impact across the globe.

Genuine Believers

Our representatives truly believe in the causes they represent and the result is an honest and engaging dialogue with their audience.

Well Branded

Our Team is focused on using a positive, uplifting approach that leaves customers with a lasting impression of the causes we represent.


Spreading The Word

We specialize in conducting face-to-face marketing campaigns – speaking directly with individuals, in person.

Making Connections

Our teams are trained to assist the public in committing long-term to the organization they choose to donate to.

On Location

We promote our clients causes at booths in malls, on the streets, at live events, in small businesses or in residential communities.

it’s not what you have

it’s what you give

Better Believe is proud to work with such an amazing list of charitable organizations.  
Our goal isn’t to just meet client expectations – it’s to exceed them.

Donors per year

Countries Impacted

Million Lives Changed


in better tomorrows

For a full list of all the charities and non-profit clients we represent please visit our affiliate website – TNI the Network Inc.


We believe that each member of our team can gain something valuable in working with us; whether it’s experience, new skills, an opportunity for advancement, or a community to call their own – there’s something for everyone.




Climbing The Ranks

Better Believe Enterprises offers each of our team members equal opportunity to advance to the different levels of our organization.

Brand Ambassador

Team Leader


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Better Believe Enterprises has moved to a completely contact free sign-up process. Now customers can feel safe and comfortable when they get involved with the causes they care about.

BELIEVE: IN Fearless leaders

A team can only grow to the capacity of it’s leadership. Without our leaders, Better Believe wouldn’t be where it is today.

Bryan Lonsberry


Tianna Anderson

Director of Operations

Kyle Casoria

Business Development Consultant

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